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Wooden Flooring

Client Unity
Year 2012
Role Paper Works
Wooden flooring is simply spectacular and a great investment as well. It looks natural, rustic and royal. Wooden flooring ideas at Bella Homes are aesthetically appealing, easy to install and have attractive, natural wood grain patterns that add warmth and richness to your home decor. Our range of wooden flooring exudes a classic aura which never goes out of fashion, is durable and can be sanded and polished from time to time, to restore its original sheen and look.If you buy the right kind of flooring and treat it correctly, it lasts for a lifetime. Handpick your favourite from classic, timeless wooden floor designs by Bella Homes.
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Our wooden floorings are available in classic designs that’ll bring lavishness and luxury to your space. Bring home a hallmark of old-world elegance and make your home a cosy den.
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No matter what type of wood flooring you like, at Bella homes your design possibilities are countless. If you want to create soothing ambience and a closer-to-nature feel, go for a wooden flooring.
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