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Year 2016
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Veneers are a fine blend of aesthetics and durability. Give your home the sense of style and sophistication with exotic collection of high-grade veneers by Bella Homes. Our veneers are non-toxic, easy to maintain and clean. They are a designer value addition to your decor, a perfect solution for every living space, be it your bedroom, living room, work station, office and so on. The veneers by Bella Homes are easy to maintain, simple to install and attractive in styles. They come with the guarantee of long life. Their excellent finish and high quality ensure consistent use in and aesthetic appeal.
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At Bella Homes, we go beyond the ordinary, to offer the best in class veneers made from the best wood species. Out finest combinations of quality and elegance are sure to give your space a classic, new look.

Our veneers are flawless, designed for the best decor applications. Available in an array of textures and shades, you can handpick your favourite and create a beautiful space.

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Bella Homes is a trusted brand for innovative veneers. We have unique product offerings in the category of decorative veneers. These true wonders of the wood redefine your decor in the most amazing ways possible.

“For the choice of veneer, I trust Bella Homes. They have a great range of natural veneers crafted with love and perfection. Thank You Bella Homes, for transforming the look of my home with great veneer.”